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Slippers 25cm|Yokabai vol.1

Slippers 25cm|Yokabai vol.1

Upper (instep): Beige (loss leather)
Sole: Beige
The characteristics of leather slippers are moisture absorption, moisture release, and heat retention.
You can wear them in the summer without getting stuffy, and they feel very comfortable when you wear them with bare feet.
In the winter, you can wear these shoes with almost no wind passing through them, and they are warm because they protect your toes from getting cold.
You can wear them for a long time regardless of the season, and they will adapt to the shape of your feet as you use them daily.

size: approx. 25cm
Upper (instep): Outside | Ross leather Inside | Pig leather
Sole: Full tanned cowhide (all made in Japan)

◆What is Ross Leather?
This is leather that has been processed so that the floor surface (back side) that appears when thinly slicing affordance leather can be used for products.
Normally, the thinly sliced ​​floor surface would be discarded. That's a lot of waste, and most importantly, it's a waste.
Compared to the gin side (surface), even though it is the same color, the color tone is calmer and has a softer impression.



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About leather materials

affordance usesoriginal madeinJapan cowhide leather made in collaboration with tanners (craftsmen who turn hides into leather) in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Since the finish takes advantage of the quality of the material itself, there may be scratches left over from when the cow was alive.
It is also characterized by aging, which is a sign of tanned cowhide leather. Color may fade due to friction or water exposure.

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The characteristics of leather slippers are moisture absorption, moisture release, and heat retention.


One of the characteristics of leather is that it absorbs sweat, releases it appropriately, and does not allow wind to pass through.

Can be worn for a long time regardless of the season


You can wear them in the summer without getting stuffy, and they feel comfortable when you wear them with bare feet.
In winter, protect your toes from the cold and keep them warm.

A good companion for room time

Another good thing about leather material is that it adapts to the shape of your feet as you use it every day.
affordance's leather slipper production began with a request from a friend. I've been making it for about 13 years since I first started, but it has changed quite a bit from its initial form.
The shape and material were reviewed many times, resulting in the current slipper shape.
As a creator, I recommend wearing them barefoot in the summer. It's a little cool and feels good.

affordance handiwork

affordance handiwork scenery
Based on the concept of “a simple yet stylish appearance expressed with rustic materials”
In order to take advantage of the quality of the leather material tanned in Japan, we take great care in handcrafting our products.
The design takes advantage of the characteristics of leather and incorporates freehand curves to give form to the suppleness unique to Japanese leather.
Even if the item is the same, its value and use are created by the person who holds it.
At affordance, we want the things we create to be an opportunity for something to be born.

I like leather tanned in Japan.

A scene of leather being tanned by Japanese tanners
The production process begins with carefully selected leather materials .
The production of leather materials is outsourced directly to tanners in Hyogo Prefecture.
Domestic genuine tanned cowhide leather tanned with natural vegetable tannins made by tanners who take environmental issues seriously. It is a leather that allows you to fully enjoy the aging effect that is the best part of leather materials.
Affordance's ideal leather material has no unnecessary processing and retains the naturalness of the leather. The ideal is a leather that has a firm texture but is soft and supple.
Since the leather is a delicate material whose color and texture change depending on the condition of the raw hide and the season, we consult with tanners each time to adjust the finish. We believe that working together between craftsmen who turn leather into leather and craftsmen who turn leather into products will lead to better manufacturing.

Colorful leather material expressing traditional Japanese colors

In order to bring out the charm of leather, affordance offers colors that express traditional Japanese colors in addition to the standard colors of leather materials.
Basic colors for leather products
The standard color for leather materials that changes over time is beige...
The classic color of elegant leather material that deepens over time ... black

Special colors that express familiar traditional Japanese colors
A solemn and dignified color with the motif of the patina of oxidized copper plate ... blue green.
A calm yet powerful color with Japanese red as a motif ... A calm and intelligent color with vermilion indigo as a motif ... Dark navy

Message from the creator

  • I often use

    As you continue to use leather products every day, the surface of the leather will become glossy, the color will deepen, and it will become familiar to the person.
    Please grow your leather products as your "partner" while enjoying the changes over time.

  • take care of

    If you have skin care products, please apply one coat at the beginning of use, and then use it during times when moisturizing is required, such as during dry periods. Using leather wax prevents stains and fading, and also provides antiseptic and insect repellent effects.

  • make repairs

    Products manufactured at affordance can be repaired at our workshop.
    After seeing your item, we will inform you of the repair method, cost, delivery date, etc.

    Request for repair 
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