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iris (pochette)

iris (pochette)

Size: H120 W180 D35mm
Shoulder length: 75-120cm
Weight: 250g
Material: Cowhide, brass hardware, Ultrasuede®
made in Japan


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About leather materials

Affordance's leather is produced in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Because no unnecessary processing has been done, there may be scratches that occurred when the cow was alive. Another characteristic is the aging process, which is a sign of vegetable tanned cowhide.
Please note that the color may differ from the actual color depending on the brightness of your monitor.
When using the product, the color may fade due to friction or getting wet.

About gift wrapping

Although it is simple packaging, we will wrap it for free. If you wish, please indicate in the cart notes section that you would like gift wrapping.

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Box shape that does not easily lose its shape over time

Side view of shoulder bag
The distinctive hook metal fittings are located slightly off-center, not in the center of the bag.
Pinch and pull the metal fittings to easily open and close with one hand.
To prevent it from losing its shape over time, the horizontal gussets are made of two layers to make it durable.

It can also be used as a sub-bag when going out.

Pochette with smartphone and compact wallet

With solid pocket on the back

back view of shoulder bag

Body bag type that can be used in a wide range of ways

You can change the way you carry it from a shoulder bag to a body bag.

It can also be carried on your back as a body bag, giving you a sense of stability when carrying it on your back and a better fit to your body.
You can change the way you carry it depending on the occasion you use it and your mood.

Ultrasuede® shoulder straps

Shoulder strap made from ultrasuede®
Ultrasuede® is an artificial leather with excellent durability, breathability, and moisture permeability, and is easy to maintain. At affordance, we use it as a shoulder lining. Matching it to your shoulder gives it flexibility and makes it comfortable to carry, and since there is no color transfer or leather scum due to friction, you can use it without worrying about clothes.
The shoulder length can be adjusted from 75cm to 120cm, so please use it at your preferred length. The shoulder strap can also be attached and detached.
  • I often use

    As you continue to use leather products every day, the surface of the leather will become glossy, the color will deepen, and it will become familiar to the person.
    Please grow your leather products as your "partner" while enjoying the changes over time.

  • take care of

    If you have skin care products, please apply one coat at the beginning of use, and then use it during times when moisturizing is required, such as during dry periods. Using leather wax prevents stains and fading, and also provides antiseptic and insect repellent effects.

  • make repairs

    Products manufactured at affordance can be repaired at our workshop.
    After seeing your item, we will inform you of the repair method, cost, delivery date, etc.

    Request for repair 
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